Lisa & Sean Burford are the family that makes up Sandtone; a region-centric collective of web developers, designers, and artists. With over 35 years of combined experience, this award winning dream duo is ready to tackle any project head on. Their work goes beyond the expected professional setting and into the realm of passion. They're open to new challenges and strive to give you the freedom to express yourself.

Having met in 2010 at a concert in the Californian desert, the two have been inseparable ever since. Both shared a passion for coding and creativity. Each individual challenged each other to experiment with unique design and focus on new technologies. They grew to realize that they represented something fresh, bold, and very much representative of the local scene.


If you give Lisa Burford a challenge, she'll tackle it with a dedicated spirit and an unmatched perserverance. How else can someone end up with so many hobbies? Outside of coding and design, she creates elaborate macramé pieces, grows veggies in the harsh desert, volunteers for local causes, and leads a regional group of women coders. You will never find someone more devoted to design and code. Her outgoing and fun personality is exactly the reason why she is the face of Sandtone. Not only will she enlighten you to all of the possibilities, she will help you make the web and design a better place for all.


Sean Burford enjoys dabbling in learning new things as well as landscaping the yard and woodwork. Writing is his forte and he provides copy like nobody's business. He's also very stubborn in his philosophy that less is more and that speed is king. He won't try to upsell you or make you invest in things that are unnecessary. He focuses on speed, simplicity, and the cutting edge. Ultimately, his passion is giving the customer what they don't even know that they need.